"Sentenced to imprisonment in a mental hospital pending a psychological exam." Those words rang in my mind like a fire bell. Never before had mere words sent chills down my spine. It was only a month ago that all the commotion had stopped. I was hung out to dry by a couple of morons. My family supported me through my court case, and my hard times. But in here, I have no one. The lights are off at 9:00pm and I have nothing. I am nothing. My daily life consists of staring at four concrete walls and a bucket for my shit.

Life as I know it is over, my life has been over since I was born. I was born in a small shit hole outside of Indio, California. My dad is my best friend; my mother is just there. I have two older brothers and no sisters. Right now I'm 5'8" and 68kgs. I lost a lot of weight because I live in this crap cell. I have red hair, the only one in my family to have red hair. My eyes are green and I look like a white boy, even though I have Mexican heritage. My brother used to kid me about my red hair and say that I didn't belong to the family. I thought it was all bullshit, that he just said those things to mess with me, but now I'm starting to believe it. When I was young I hated my father; however I could not point out the source for such hatred. My mother was always around, my dad worked all day. I was quite a smart young buck. I knew a lot about electricity and all the people in school knew I was smart, except the ones who mattered of course.

Honour classes were easy for me and I loved conducting experiments and reading. I hated that Student of the Month award. I might have been the smartest kid in the whole school but I never received one. The kids that always won were those ass kissing kids. I just hated them and wanted them all to suffer and die. I had a dream I came to school with a shotgun and a couple of pipe bombs, shoved the pipe bombs down their pants and shot the teachers that never considered me. I doubt that it will ever...

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