Creating a Greater Presence in Kava

Creating a Greater Presence in Kava

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Decisions in Paradise Part II

University of Phoenix

January 23,2011

MGT 350

The main goal of my organization is to create a greater presence in Kava with the decision of creating a company that can transform garbage, plastic bottles into something good for this country, such as fabric for use in high-performance apparel. It will be necessary and important to use the decision-making technique of brainstorming. Alex and I will have to take in consideration that we are dealing with many big disadvantages which are that 50% of the population is 15 years old or younger, and the natural and human disasters that Kava has suffered. there is a great need for new ideas in order to obtain the interest of kava’s citizens. First, what our company wants is not only obtain profits from the business, but also help this country to overcome their problems. Our company wants to generate jobs, economic help, clothing, shoes and other different goods, that can be beneficial for Kava. As well, the company wants to help in the sanitation of this country, since recycling is an excellent option to obtain all these goals. Knowing this, we can create a business plan using the brainstorming decision making method.

In brainstorming, Chris, Alex, and myself would have to try to involve the youth population under the age of 18, trying to educated them about recycling and its importance. In addition we will inform the whole population about the benefits that recycling can generate for them and their country. Also we will perform an evaluation about the people around Kava than can be able to perform certain jobs in different areas of the company. This will create interest in the population of Kava since the opportunity of employment will be open for everyone.

A very important statement that we need to keep in consideration in the brainstorming process is that Chris Morales, the founder of our company, pronounce that no...

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