cyber bullying

cyber bullying

Luna Williams

Jim Wenzell

English 100

March 10, 2014


Cyberbullying is an on going viral conflict. It can really affect a person’s life and influence them to engage in bad actions that cause them to hurt themselves. In case you’re wondering, cyberbullying has been a growing problem in today’s society and when any sort of harassment is made through the use of Internet. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid’ Written by Nick Carr talks about how the use of the internet is taking over our lives and how its an easy tool to use than actually doing for yourself. With our current teenage culture, that would probably be through a social website such as Facebook, chat rooms, and forums; or with today’s out blow of cellphone technology, through apps such as Instagram and Twitter. A simple example would be of somebody sending you personal messages that could make you uncomfortable, or even a person you know in real life posting an embarrassing picture or comment on your profile for all the rest of your friends to see. Anybody can use the Internet and everyone can see what’s on it. In this essay I will show many examples that influenced people and personal experiences that have shaped my life today.
During middle school an some of high school I was a victim of cyberbullying I was being teased all of the time though Facebook kids would send me mean messages and say things like “your fat no one likes you “, and “no ones cares about you, if you were to die no one would notice. I honestly didn’t know what I did to make people do this to me I sat and thought to myself what did I do. People/kids don’t realize the real and true effect bullying can have on a Peron. I was in so much pain I would cry all the time and always be down to the point that I grew so much hatred inside for myself and the people that hurt me. I honestly didn’t care if I lived anymore. I’ve tried to commit suicide but my mom found me before it happened at that point...

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