Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

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Abraham Donis
Dr. Velvet Pearson
English 801A

The Dark Secrets We Keep From One Another
Everyone, no matter who you are or how perfect you think you may be, lie on a daily basis. We all tell lies whether it’s to protect someone’s feelings or oneself. Lying on a justified standard can be the dark secrets we all tend to keep from one another. Everyone has them, so we keep telling these lies to not only ourselves, but our friends and loved ones as well. If we were ever to tell these secrets to one another, there would be no pride left in us, so we cover up these shameful acts with lies. Ericcson, a writer who wrote “The Ways We Lie”, talked about different categories of lying that included facades. Facades can be the masks we put on to hide the truth, being said that, Alcoholism and Drug abuse are the depth and most common of having these dark secrets that would be considered a justified lie in my perspective.
Ericcson wrote about facades being destructive because they are used to seduce others into an illusion. The ambience of putting on a mask to cover up a lie, as in this case keeping dark secrets from one another will have to be justified. When you are keeping these dark secrets from everyone, you are putting on a different mask each time you cover it up with lies. Since we are so ashamed of these secrets, putting on these masks would fill us up with guilt throughout our lives. Though it may seem harmful to tell each other these secrets, keeping these to ourselves will be justified because some secrets were meant to be kept.

Donis, 2
As humans, we all have done shameful acts we are not proud of. Alcoholism, in my perspective, is one of the most common dark secrets. It doesn’t matter if the legal drinking age is 18 or 21, this affects teens and adults. These shameful acts from our past will consist of alcohol abuse and violence or alcohol abuse and disgraceful experiences. These experiences can be from hooking up with...

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