Datacenter Disaster Recovery

Datacenter Disaster Recovery

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DataCenter Disaster Recovery
Threat Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
April Johnson CISSP, CCNP Seattle Public Schools

What kind of Threats?
Natural Disasters
• • • • • Earthquake Storm/Water Damage Fire Volcano Pandemic/Epidemic

At Risk
• Datacenter • MDF/IDF facilities (Telephone/Data Closets) • Entry/Exit facilities to the building (incoming/outgoing fiber to building)

• • • • Damage to Facility/Equipment Loss of Staff Loss of Data Time to recover

Regional Disaster Threats

Likely on-fault damage - 6.7 magnitude (Seattle)

• $33 billion in losses • 39,000 buildings largely or totally destroyed • 130 fires burning simultaneously • 7,700 people dead or badly hurt
Subduction Zone Damage

• Toppled and crushed equipment • Large scale Staff unavailability • Loss of power • Secondary damage from fire/water • Loss of access to facility


• Equipment racks secured and bolted to floor/wall and each other or ISObase • Other racked, shelved or stacked materials secured in place • Housekeeping – remove loose and piled materials

2nd highest risk to Datacenter

• Secondary result of earthquake • Tsunami • Water line ruptures (unlikely) • Secondary result of building fire

• Shorted equipment • Loss of power/unsafe power • Restricted access to facilities • Some staff unavailable


• Clear drains in cement floors • Create prioritized list of systems to relocate when flood is imminent • Master power switch to protect against electrical shorts caused by water • Leverage humidity alarms in air conditioners • Large plastic tarps may be helpful

King County Records

• 1195 lives lost in fire over 20 yrs • Average 11 fire deaths a year • Causes – smoking, heating, electrical and arson

• Fire likely to start in subfloor/cabling • Sprinkler system - Water damage? • Loss of systems/data • Restricted access to facilities


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