Death with Dignity Peer Reviewed Article Summaries

Death with Dignity Peer Reviewed Article Summaries

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Death with Dignity Peer Reviewed Article Summaries
July 6, 2015

Death with Dignity
This article explains Peter Allmark’s conception of death with dignity. He first highlights what death, dignity, and death with dignity all mean. From there, he discusses the criticisms that death with dignity typically receive in health care and then rebuttals the two criticisms that are mentioned. Afterwards, Allmark provides insight as to what death with indignity and death with dignity mean and imply. Allmark believes that regardless of stance, health care professions cannot ensure that people die with dignity, but that they can however, try to ensure that people die without indignity. To ensure that indignities are not imposed, health care professionals should not impose indignities (ex: taking away choices from people at the end of their lives) or try to minimize indignities (such as pain). Allmark concludes that dignity is personal and so is death and in the end, how a person a choses to die at the end of his/her life cannot be determined as dignified by someone else. What I enjoyed reading about this article was how Allmark spoke of all aspects that commonly surround the topic of death with dignity.

Allmark, P. (2002). Death with dignity. Journal of Medical Ethics, 28(4), 255-7. Retrieved from

Death with Dignity Act
The Death with Dignity Act article highlights definitions and the requirements of the extensive process that must be followed in order for a person to make the decision to choose how to die towards the end of his/her life. In order to request lethal medication, a person must be at least 18 years old, an Oregon resident, able to make as well as communicate health care decisions, and must be diagnosed with a terminal illness that will likely end his/her life within six months. In addition, two licensed physicians must verify the...

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