Decisions in Paradise Ii - Essay

Decisions in Paradise Ii - Essay

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Decisions in Paradise II


Stacy Engram

University of Phoenix


Roger Sevison

Decisions in Paradise Paper: Part II
Shoe Show, Inc is proposing and wanting to establish a permanent presence on Kava Island in the South Pacific. The company’s presence on Kava would bring much needed economic stability on the island and for the island’s inhabitants. To accomplish this task, Shoe Show, Inc. will build an import and export business that will open Kavas’ doors to the rest of the world. As discussed in part I, there are wide varieties of obstacles, challenges and opportunities that Shoe Show, Inc. will have to take on to make this new venture successful. To take on these barriers, Shoe Show, Inc. and their employees will use the Six Thinking Hats technique. From the ideas born from the Six Thinking Hats technique, Shoe Show, Inc. will use the Rationale Decision-making model to thoroughly to ensure every stakeholders’ interests are protected.
Decision -Making Technique
The decision-making technique that will be applied to help Shoe Show, Inc. to find the solution(s) is the Six Thinking Hats. Gross (1998) writes, “The six thinking hats are a simple, powerful, delightful method for thinking things through and then doing them right” (p. 38). The Six Thinking Hats technique is composed of six hats that each represents a different style of thinking. The white hat represents facts and information; the red hat represents feelings and intuition; the yellow hat represents benefits and feasibility; the black hat represents difficulties and assessment; the green hat represents alternative and creative ideas; and the blue hat represents thinking about the thinking process. The benefits of this type of decision-making technique are plentiful. It gives Shoe Show, Inc. and their employees six points of view from each member, therefore enabling the company to compile a vast list of alternatives and solutions for the future of Kava. The technique...

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