define love

define love

Define Love
Jordan Delfs

Why is it necessary to have the same definition of a word when exchanging ideas? Why must you refer to the same page when reading aloud in class? The answer is clarity. If there is not sameness in a conversation there will never be any persuasion or exchanging of ideas. When it comes to the need for love to solve the issues in the world, having the same definition is a key player. Let me explain why.

The common man definition of love is the mushy gushy feeling you have towards someone you “like”. However if you look to Corinthians 13 the definition is a little different. The way its defined here is selfless, patient, generous and forgiving. Does this sound familiar to you? It sounds a little bit like the word you may know as “tolerance.” When the debate begins on whether or not the world needs love, tolerance or something else to solve all of its problems, this is an issue! When the exchanges are being made there’s no clarity. Thus, no final consensus can be made.

Even though I’ve used the bible to define love the same rules follow for those who don’t believe in the bible. The point of this essay is not on whether or not we are using the “right” definition. But whether or not people are using the “same” definition. Ultimately in order to solve for world peace, there needs to be clarity and sameness in definition. Without that, the world would cease to go ‘round.

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