Democracy in Hk

Democracy in Hk

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Resembling a compass serves for geographical purpose, moral compass can be viewed as an guidance of behavior. It indicates the value judgement and ethical standard of oneself. There is no consistent sets, it can be many and varied to anyone.

If asked, my moral compass can be vaguely defined as an ethical standard based on the virtues of kindness, integrity and fairness. Self-centeredness of people and unfairness are significant influential factors that shape the moral standard I have today.

So far as I am concerned, human beings is presumed as a creature of greed and selfishness. People tends to be egocentric. People often safeguard our personal interest by all means whereas neglecting the interests of others. As a result, profit maximizing is a common episode in business world. Moreover, people’s selfishness also leads to the existence of unfairness. One vivid example is shown when dictating political body suppresses objection and demands across all board in an attempt to strengthen its governing power. The right and freedom of peasants has been despoiled. Hence those virtues have become exceptionally important, as fairness and kind-hearted intention can reduce the impact of self-centeredness of people and integrity can safeguard the overall welling being of the society. These made up my moral compass and is a navigational tool that guides my behavior and provides me grounds for judgement.

It is ubiquitous to see my values are placed in direct conflict with an action, theoretically described as an ethical dilemma. To me, I may probably go through 4 steps to resolve this dilemma. Firstly, I may list out all possible courses of action available for me. Secondly, I may evaluate the pros and cons and the possible consequences of each in details, in order to think of the best option for me. Thirdly, I may go through a “Sunshine Test” to see whether I can discuss with others or not. Lastly, I may evaluate the entire process and once again assess my...

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