Descriptive essay

Descriptive essay

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My Teacher

Walking slowly and rhythmically into the classroom, a man carried a bag with many books. “Good morning!” He greeted us with a friendly smile and revealed his spotlessly white teeth. We call him Mr.Johnson and he was our class teacher when I was in Form six and seven. At that time, I was very surprised that our class teacher was a foreigner.

Mr. Johnson comes from America, but he looks like an Asian when I saw him for the first time as he has yellowish skin and dark eyes. He is short, stocky and wears glasses with thick frame. He has a clean square face and dark and bushy hair. Casually clad in checked blouse and black trousers, Mr. Johnson looked very smart. He always took a black leather bag with him and often opened his mouth with using one of his tags “I am just a small potato.” He has various talents as he is able to speak many foreign languages, such as Spanish, Putonghua and he acts very well. We were very surprised that he sung very well in Cantonese with us in an In-class Singing Competition.

Being a talented and humorous teacher, he was able to use different kinds of skills to make us to pay attention in his English lessons. For example, when he explained a new vocabulary, he acted in front of us in order to make us to remember the new word easily. The way he explained “funeral” gave me a deep impression by his wonderful acting. He sobbed softly and quietly and bows for three times seriously. Seeing his face was full of sorrow at the same time, we could easily understand what “funeral” meant. Besides, we felt very relaxed in his lessons, he sat in front of us on a desk instead of a chair and talk to us with a comfortable tone. We felt free to answer his question. When there was very noisy in class, he pretended to be very angry. His face turned purple and his brow furrowed. He yelled us with a funny phase “stop barking!” the whole classroom became as silent as the grave immediately in the first few time but tended to be useless...

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