Different Crushers Have Different Crushing Effects

Different Crushers Have Different Crushing Effects

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The impact crusher and jaw crusher are commonly used in the sand and gravel production line. Different devices have different crushing effects on material whose performances advantages of sand and gravel production line are various. To satisfy the intensity, reasonable structure design will reduce the machine’s weight. The welding frame and moving jaw instead of casting parts can also reduce machine weight. And cast steel is the process of high energy consumption, from the point of view of energy saving, welding frame should also be vigorously developed. Moreover, the domestic wear resistant materials and mechanical manufacturing technology level still cannot be compared with the advanced world level.

First, the impact crusher has high crushing ratio which can reach over 50, but the crushing ratio of the jaw crusher and cone crusher may hardly reach to 20.Impact Crusher is mainly used to crush many kinds of large, medium, small materials, the side length of impact stone crusher is less than 500mm, and compression resistance of impact crusher should not be more than 350Mpa. The impact crusher is widely used in building material, hydroelectricity, artificial stone and sand, highway, etc.

Second, the products particles are excellent. Under impacting action, the material to be crushed of breaks along the most vulnerable level. The probability of the drought cubic form is higher in this selective crushing way. Therefore, the flakiness percentage content of impact crusher can be less than 10%, while the flakiness percentage content of jaw and cone crusher will be more than 15%. These characteristics make impact crusher for sale play an important role in large numbers of crushers.

The jaw crusher plant we researched and developed with great concentration plays an active role in the mining and ore beneficiation industry and is one of the indispensable mining crushing equipment in the mining industry. This machine has the most competitive price and the most...

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