Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

April 17, 2014
IT/205 Management of Information Systems

Let’s start by acknowledging that we are here today because Dirt Bikes is hurting in the financial department. Dirt Bikes has quite the concern about how much money they are spending be it each week, month or year on communications with people from inside and outside of their facility. One of the big concerns is how to obtain the proper information that will help them develop better development skills in the motorcycle industry on domestic soil and foreign. Making a huge break in a global industry would really help them out with their bottom line. 
I want to assure you that I am here today to help investigate how I can help you   find the right internet tools and technology that can be used right here at Dirt Bikes which will able your employees to communicate with each other on a more even playing field as well as use all the tools provided to help the employees obtain information on how to help Dirt Bikes on   a more efficient level. By already having some tools in place, like the desk top computers for all of your employees, you have already begun the   process of much success. Let’s go over some things to get you moving faster and more efficiently. 

Let me give you a quick glance of what we will be going over, we will work on what internet system will work for you. We will find two other types of internet tools that will help the communications with in the company that will be beneficial to all who use them. We need to a wireless type of technology to get set up as well as a hard wired system. Having both can prove beneficial if something happens to one, the other should still work. Of course, we will have to go over all of this with upper management for their say. Wireless systems can be cheaper to save on money, but we will see what management says about all of this. 

So now that I have seen what you have, the desk top computers all must have internet set up on them. We can set up  ...

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