disasters case study

disasters case study

Juvenile Crime Prevention

Adrian Hale

Washburn University

Crime Prevention CJ-340-VA
Professor Dale Finger

There are a lot of different crime prevention programs that use different approaches but share a common goal. The crime prevention programs try to anticipate, recognize, and confront crime or the different factors that add to criminal acts. The prevention of crime may be aimed toward different styles of crime which include individual, community, or location. The individual style of crime refers to trying to prevent the individual and giving resources to avoid committing crime in the first place and avoiding situations that may lead to criminal activity. The community style of crime is targeted to where everyone in the community can get involved in helping with preventing crime to make their communities safe and get involved and getting to know everyone in your community. One way also to support the community prevention is to get to know the law enforcement officers in your area so a trust can be formed between all involved. To prevent crime in certain locations, there needs to be a place where crime is almost certain on a daily basis and people that are willing to get into that location and use resources and help to help deter crime in this location.
As I progress through my schooling in pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree in probation/counseling I find myself leaning more toward the youth and wanting to figure ways out to help in crime prevention for the youth. I would love to set up prevention programs in my community and if the youth are already “in the system” I would like to be able to counsel them and encourage them to teach them that there is a better life out there and that there are people that care. I personally believe that if the youth feel that someone does care then they will find the right path. So in my paper I will be looking into juvenile crime prevention programs and ways to help the...

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