Discuss the Significance of the Concept of Hope

Discuss the Significance of the Concept of Hope

Discuss the significance of the concept of hope


This assignment aims to discuss the significance of the concept of hope . In addition, definitions of hope, its characteristics and how hope is relevant in nursing practice as well as its barriers will also be identified. Hope plays a vital role in developing positive attitude in the individual towards the desired objectives. It is an emerging concept which is inextricably linked to individual’s experiences. According to Hearth (1993) Hope is mainly presented as an expectation for the future. Hope is the inner feeling of the individual to achieve the desired goals for better future.


There are numerous definitions of hope which are taken from different articles to explore about the concept of hope, characteristics and importance of hope. According to Synder (1995) hope is a cognitive energy and pathway for goals, to achieve a goal, which is set for the desired future, sufficient energy is required to fulfill the requirements. Hope fosters energy in the individual that is required for the completion of the planned objectives. According to Miller and Powers (1988) hope is an anticipation of a future is good based on mutuality, a sense of personal competence, coping ability, psychological wellbeing, purpose and meaning in life, and a sense of the possible. Hope is an expectation for the achievement of better future which is based on empathy, sympathy and ability of one and their efforts. It mainly depends on the coping abilities of the persons. In the literature by Farran et al (1995) hope has been described as a way of feeling, thinking, behaving and a way of relating to oneself. It gives encouragement to an individual to face the critical situations of life by critical thinking and develop positive and optimistic attitude in a person. There is a great correlation between cope and hope because if hope exists in a person, only then he can use coping mechanism to sort...

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