Disney movie FOA script

Disney movie FOA script

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FOA Script

Good morning ladies and gentlemem, I’m a representative of Arab American and I’m here to talk about the presence of discrimination among Arab culture and American cuture by racism. Before I begin my speech, I want to ask“where do the seeds of racism and the general public’s tolerance for stereotyping Arab peoples begin? Children are born, with purity, with no predetermined hate of others. Therefore, I conclude that children learn hatred, racism, and stereotyping, but the question still remains where do these seeds of hate begin, and what can we all to do to stop them from growing into dried-up tumbleweeds?

Disney movies are perceived as wholesome entertainment that is a part of every person’s childhood. deep down under all the love and life lesosns what really is the message that Disney is trying to say? I see that there is intentional racism in many of the Disney movies. Racist characters, statements, and gestures within Disney movies may mean little to children but are very offensive to certain racial groups like me.

A great example that show this racism is “Aladdin” made in 1992.
The movie Aladdin support euro-centrism by presenting stereotypical racism.

euro centrims is the idea that Europe is the cultural, political and economic center of the world and assumes that their culture, history and way of thinking are the norm. They envision the world from a privileged point, placing themselves above others. Simply this means white people’s are in the top hierchy.

Sterotypical racism is embedded in all the characters characteristic.

There are several evidences that support my point.

    The song “Arabian Nights’ that plays at the opening credits of the movie described the barbaric ways of the Arab people. Let’s hear the song first.

The song described Arabian lands as a place “where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric, but hey it’s home.” The message that is given is that the...

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