Disney Speech

Disney Speech

Sunshine Ramirez
1. GET ATTENTION: Stressors of the real world can make people wish for their childhood back. Many have that wish granted when they walk through the gates with the words inscribed “ Where your Dreams Come True.”
2. CLEARLY REVEAL THE TOPIC: Over its lifespan Disney Land has been able to bring happiness to everyone who visits, but many are unaware of its formation.
3. LISTENER RELEVANCE: Many of us may know the quote “ A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” , but are uninformed about the actual dream that created the “Happiest Place on Earth”
4. ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY: I’ve grown up with Disney my whole life from the cartoons, movies, and theme park, I guess you can say I’m a Disney Enthusiast.
5. THESIS/PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS:The whole Disney Company began with Walt Disney’s dream, Disney Land, which took a great deal of funding, manpower, and persistence to bring the dream into reality.
Transition: Disney Land’s theme was born from Walt’s animation
I. MAIN POINT : Why it was built
A. Walt Disney’s animator career
1. Mickey Mouse’s popularity
2. Disney’s film success

B. The idea for Disney Land
1. Walt’s daughters
2. Walt’s intention for the theme park.

Transition: With plans of a huge dream comes with a huge price
II. How it was built
A. Its funding
1. Who turned it down
2. How the money was acquired

B. Constructing the land
1. where to put it
2. Who helped.

Transition:Even with precise construction plans Dreams don’t always play out the way you intend it.
III. Disneyland's opening day

A. First day disaster
1. Uninvited people
2. Park wasn’t truly ready

B. How it bounced back
1. New attractions
2. Better marketing
Transition: Even with a disastrous opening day ten years later 50 million people passed through Disneyland's front gates and now 16,202,000 pasts its gates yearly...

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