Disruptive Classroom

Disruptive Classroom

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Disruptive Class Room

My purpose for this essay is not intended to offend anyone but just to draw your attention to the fact that we are all here for a purpose. And there is a developing behavioral pattern that should be addressed.

We all have some form of education to be able to sit in an academic class such a social work or even think venturing into the field such as this. This course is geared to helping the socially displaced people with the sole purpose of bring stability to their lives, and if we as a class cannot help or co-operate with just a few of our class mate, then what’s the purpose of sitting in a class room for so many hours learning what we don’t intend to preach.

People make fun of others in and out of the class room, without thinking how it affects the other individual, which is considered a childish behavioral pattern.
They form clique within their own ethnic groups for example the Indians form them selves into groups and the African like wise. This division affects us deeply and we should work toward having more unity and integration in the class room.

They stoop so low as to with hold information when ask with no regards for the other person who just wants to learn or don’t have the money to purchase the books or the literature to complete an assignment.

I believe that everyone was brought up with proper morals values, dignity, and knowledge to know right from wrong; studying for any course for every one who is capable of doing so and it is never easy. It’s not like you got up one morning and say “I am going to do this course today” we come to class day after day and act as though it is a competition and everyone wants to win the first prize but it is not;

For in the end we all came here for one reason and it’s to learn and we need to be adult about this and not be selfish. If we share knowledge, interact with our fellow students and share information we all will win that prize.

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