Distance Learning

Distance Learning

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Joe Smith

Professor Rice

English 101

1 April 2008

How to Pass Your DLP Essays

The introduction needs to present the topic you will be discussing WITHOUT announcing it. In other words, show but do not tell. The intro should be relatively catchy and/or interesting. Remember, every paragraph needs to be AT LEAST 3 sentences. The very last sentence of the introduction paragraph is your thesis: it is the directing force of your paper and addresses the main “theme” of your paper.
The first paragraph must have a topic sentence. The topic sentence is much like a mini-thesis statement for the paragraph. Also, the first paragraph must in some way relate to the main theme (or main points) presented in your thesis. Again, it must be at least 3 sentences. Keep in mind that you are to use a formal tone for all assignments. This includes avoiding slang, colloquialisms, and contractions while writing in a scholarly nature.
In addition to containing at least 3 sentences and a mini-thesis, the next body paragraphs must transition from the previous paragraph to the new one smoothly while presenting a new topic that relates to the thesis in some way. Remember to correctly cite any supporting information according to MLA format. Many of you had difficulties with MLA in previous essays, so I suggest you review it for the research paper.
To conclude, your conclusion needs to be an efficient summary of your main points WITHOUT introducing any new information. Make sure to RESTATE YOUR THESIS in a new, creative way. DO NOT simply cut and paste the original thesis back into the conclusion. Remember, the conclusion is the last thing the reader sees, so make sure to end strong!

Works Cited
Alphabetize your Works Cited page according to MLA standards.
You will need to cite things according to MLA guidelines. If you have questions about
this, please email me and we’ll discuss....

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