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In early 1970’s there was a need for adult education methods that were less restrictive as compared to the contemporary centers of academia in place in the United States. At this time the standard for a college education was either a traditional university, or a hodgepodge of education by mail systems. Much like today, the traditional university systems of the time had little flexibility for working adults. The by mail programs were risky as far as reliability and these correspondence programs had little value to employers looking for educated prospects. (UOP Learning Team Model, 2008).
While at San Jose State University, Dr. John Sterling and several associates were researching methods of education delivery to adults. During the field research Dr. Sterling worked with a little used concept of a Teaching/Learning Team system of education delivery. Dr. Sterling believed the Learning Team methods had viable uses in academia and in the workplace. By coupling intensive use of the model to students, he felt the teaching would carry over into future employment. (Tools for Teams, 2000).
In 1976 Dr. Sterling founded the University of Phoenix. At the University Dr. Sterling’s model of Learning Teams is submersed into every program. Not everyone can be in charge all the time. This model of learning helps introduce that concept. The learning team model has become intricately interwoven into the culture of UOP and its students. (UOP Learning Team Model, 2008).

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