Doing International Business

Doing International Business

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Table of Contents

Page No.
Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 03
Asian Market Profile ----------------------------------------------------------- 04
ABC Company Profile --------------------------------------------------------- 05
Business Risks
Economic Risk ----------------------------------------------------------- 06
Financial Risk ------------------------------------------------------------ 08
Political Risk ------------------------------------------------------------- 10
Business Environment Risk -------------------------------------------- 13
Legal Risk ----------------------------------------------------------------- 17
Cultural Risk -------------------------------------------------------------- 20
Currency Risk ------------------------------------------------------------- 23
Recommendations for Business Risks ----------------------------------------- 25
Marketing -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29
Production and Distribution ------------------------------------------------------ 34
Conclusion -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 36


With increasing globalization that has happened lately, business dynamics all around the world have changed. Companies are looking to expand and explore new market opportunities, while in parallel the presence of a virtual market has had its contribution as well. Just like Friedman puts in his words that the world is flat, he points out that the world have evolved so much in recent past that boundaries do not matter in contemporary times (Budhwar & Varma, 2010). Companies are exploring new market opportunities continuously and therefore a rise in the percentage numbers for MNCs have taken place.
Although, this is a debate which is far from being settled, undoubtedly there are indications of greater integration among all parts of...

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