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Language Arts Rationale Paper
(The rationale paper is worth 16% of the total mark for the course)

Please include a cover page of your paper. (1 point)

1. What is the purpose of Language Arts? ( 1 point)
Development children’s coordination,concentration,indipendence and self –esdeem.buld up the system of writing,and make children can understand the meaning of word and sentence . also Make children can accurately express their thoughts, ideas and feelings; Gain the ability to communicate.

意义:①促进儿童的表达(沟通能力) ②发展儿童的智慧和吸收文化  ③对文化的继承和创造

2. How are the four major areas of the Montessori curriculum supported by the Language Arts? (2 points)

Practical life meke the children understand the order from left to right
Sensoril make children more sensitive with sound and also prepare for reading and writing
mathematics develop the logical mind of children

3. Please define the role of the teacher in the context of the Language arts area. (2 point)
Follow the child, but not means let children do what they want to do,opposite , each child have their own patten, and observation is a key point to understand the define of this a motessori teacher we have to constantly obseve the child in the classroom and have to pay careful attention to her interests and activities to which child is naturally drawn. Montessori teachers take into account where each child is at during a specific point in time rather than imposing our idea of what the child should learn at that time. If a child needs more time in a particular area, we have the freedom to give her that time to really learn that concept or skill. If she has mastered a skill or concept, we give her the opportunity to learn more about the concept through extensions or we present her with more complex work related to build on her knowledge of the concept.
4. Please describe how the...

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