Down Mexico Way

Down Mexico Way

Okay people, we know something is wrong when I agree with Newt Gingrich. But I agree with Newt Gingrich.

The drug war/civil war going on in Mexico is a bigger security risk to the US than is Afghanistan and Iraq. It is classified somewhat as a gang war. However it is much more it is a genuine civil war. Underway between drug dealers as cartels who, sadly, are financed largely by American money, purchasing drugs in this country. That cartels are waging a vicious and brutal war, fully as horrifying in the atrocities and the things they've been doing to people as anything that was done in Iraq, may surprise you because there is virtually no mention in our supposedly “free” press.

Now it could be that since I live in South Central Texas I am more attuned to it than people that don’t live as close to the border as I do. But we have serious threats 300 miles south of my home.

Police in Tijuana boasted recently of what they feel is a significant win against the enemy. The Tijuana cops were proud and rightfully so, of their bust of a big player in a prominent cartel known as Stew Man who has bragged about killing over 300 people by dropping their bodies into big vats of acid. Truly a ruthless man. But these cartels and these wars are perfect breeding grounds for ruthlessness. These violent highly organized cartels have been causing death and destruction all across Mexico with some of the destruction spilling over into the United States in Texas & Arizona.

Just as in Afghanistan where Opium is the only money crop they can produce, Mexico’s economy is so poor that the drug runners by necessity run the country as well. When President Felipe Calderon met with President Elect Obama a couple of weeks ago he stated that he believes the only solution is in working together with the United States. Calderon said, “We need to combat together this common problem, our fight with organized crime.” President Elect Obama promised to cooperate with Calderon.

But many...

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