Drama Btec- Drama Thought the Ages

Drama Btec- Drama Thought the Ages

Drama though the ages.

Are you budding drama queen? A star in the making? A drama lover? Then we have the thing for you, it’s the annual dramatic arts festival. Travel with us as we explore and enjoy an unforgettable experience and interesting insight into the wacky and wonderful world that is drama.

Join us and the acting committee, on the 24-25 May for a once a life time experience with chances to interact with famous stars including Orlando Bloom, Helena Marine, Jodie Foster and for the kids many HSM stars. While be among the stars making special appearances at the annual world famous Pedal performing arts festival.

In the Festival there are going to be stalls and small performance areas and stages where you can learn and get involved with the differ era’s of drama; “The origins of Drama”, “Greek theatre”, “Elizabethan theatre” “Musicals”, “Radio and Television soaps” & “Films” they will be jam packed with stalls filled with information, quizzes and dazzling shows. Love drama but don’t know which one of this takes your fancy, well read and learn the basis of what this truly amazing weekend will bring to you.

Start your journey with a mesmerizing showpiece seated in the tradition Greek theatre, on a slope, the Greeks made it like that for everyone for rich to poor to get a stunning view just like you will for every show you watch at the mesmerising showpieces. These shows will give you an amazing feeling thought out this fantastic weekend. The short showpieces shown 4 hours at every will include powerful upbeat dances such as the Barong with emotion finding dramas such as Greek tragedies & comedies. As we dive into the play we get a real insight into how the plays have evolved over the thousand of years and shaped the way we see drama now, weather it in theatre of on the big screen. After enjoy the chance that will great you after show you can interact with the actors and learn more about how the 3 historical Greek writers- Aeschylus, Sophocles,...

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