Family Drama

Family Drama

Grace Suarez Guzman
4 hours ago near San Antonio
So sad right now, I was betrayed by someone in my own family I know it was you Fredo! you know who you are...
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Gina Bo Bina What does Fredo mean?
4 hours ago

Grace Suarez Guzman Fredo (trator) is Al Pachino's (god father) brother he betray's the god father and tells the family screats to an outsider. He winds up sleeping with the fishes! and the god father whispers I know it was you fredo in his ear.
4 hours ago · Edited · 1

Gina Bo Bina Hahaha you're a dork but yeah that's not cool whoever your "Fredo" is.
4 hours ago

Gina Bo Bina You never told me what yall' are gonna do Sunday?
4 hours ago

Grace Suarez Guzman I don't really know yet Matthew Suarez, Pauline Rubio and whoever wants to go will be cooking something, but we thought it would be nice to spend mothers day at granny's house this year.
4 hours ago · 2

Mati Pattillo ????what you talking bout?

And we want to go on Sunday
3 hours ago via mobile · 1

Grace Suarez Guzman Mati Pattillo, your husband is the one that started this plan to go to granny's so I hope you all are going... and Ill message you about fredo.
3 hours ago

Mati Pattillo Ok he didnt tell me till right now lol
3 hours ago via mobile

Lisa Esparza My bf quotes lines from the Godfather all the time. That's the only reason I knew what you were talking about. Lol
2 hours ago via mobile

Grace Suarez Guzman I guess not mijo but its really good that no matter what I say right or wrong my "family" is behind me right!
thanks for the back up son
about an hour ago via mobile

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