Dream Sample

Dream Sample

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A simple door slowly came to his sight has he crept through the woods. His feet shattering the leaves as they touched the hard dirt beneath him. There was a whisper all around this man, a quiet roar about the woods that he had not shaken since his first steps into the blackness. He inched forward, listening to the wood's rustling, he reached for the door handle and the wind blew hard. Leaves flew up all around him, spinning wildly, blinding him from even the door no more than a foot near him. Panicid, he swung for the door but found nothing. He stilled himself and breathed a deep breath, he held it for just a moment and the leaves stopped. Each leaf a raindrop gliding off his skin. Before him now stood the most beautiful girl in the world. Hair a deep brown, eyes a shining blue, she tossled hair and a smile. She looked perfect. He approached her, timid at first, scared second. She took his hand in hers and led him to the door. He slid the cold steel in his hand and gripped firmly. Turning slow the door clicked as the latch opened. He faced his love, and spoke,

"Time has kept us apart too long. Distance is no longer. The earth brought you to me. The wind carried you. Now we are together, now we are. I've loved since I first met you. Since I met you, introductions meant nothing to me, I loved you then and I love you now. This door, this entrance, is to my life...it leads to me, it leads to the future, I won't go without you. I love you with all that I am and with all that lays beyond this door."

She stared into his eyes, looked deeply past them, into his soul and she smiled brighter. She stepped to her tippy toes, kissed his rough face, and pushed the door open.

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