What are the causes of Global warming?
-Enhanced greenhouse effect
-Increased amount of gas (eg. CO2, CH4) released to the atmosphere

What are the consequences?
-Soil degradation
-Climate change
-Extreme events eg. Storms. Drought, landslides, hurricanes
(In 2006, a severe heat wave killed 225 people in North America)
-Sea level rises
(Sea levels are expected to rise at least seven inches by the end of the century)
-More animals being endangered
(In 2050, polar bears are likely to face extinction)
-Some diseases will spread eg. Malaria
-Some places are getting hotter and some places are getting colder
(In early 2014, Australia reaches the highest temperature of 50 degree Celsius killing 100,00 bats.)
(In early 2014, Canada’s temperature was as low as -37 degree Celsius. This had led to thousands of people without power and 24 people dead.)
-Melting glaciers, less and later snow. Higher mean temperatures and snowlines retreating up the mountains

Is Global warming real?
-1983-2012 is the warmest period of the last 1400 years
-The temperature increases 0.6 degree Celsius in the world annually to 3 degree Celsius
-Over 150 years the concentration of carbon dioxide increased 33%

Are humans mainly responsible or is it naturally occurring?
Since the 2007, the human effect on the climate change has increased to 40%
The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere
35% higher than before the industrial revolution
Excessive use of fossil fuel
 Electricity, cars, planes factories
 Burning fossil fuels for electricity accounts for 40% of carbon dioxide emission in the US
 Fewer trees lead to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere  the rate of deforestation increased to 28% in Brazil (2012)  The planet has lost forest with an area as big as Mongolia
Population increase leads to increased CO2 in the atmosphere
The planet has not warmed for 10-15 years

Maybe a natural...

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