Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

An 18 year old football player and several friends were on their way home on Saturday night on a dark road in Mexico City. John took a look at the speedometer and said, 'You are going to fast!' Immediately Pedro said, 'Don't worry I have everything under control' but deep inside, he knew he wasn't ok. He had been drinking. As they continued to increase their speed, Pedro noticed a red and blue flashing light on the rearview mirror, he decided not to stop. As they approached an intersection they did not slow down. Suddenly a beaming white light was getting closer and closer, the sound of tires slipping and boom! A van hit the side of the car. The car caught on fire, three passengers in the car were killed at the scene, and one was rescued.

Sadly, this is something that happens very often. An issue that everyone knows about but nobody wants to hear about. People are in denial, they close their eyes daily and refuse to face the reality that today, hunts the past of more than half of the world. Drunk driving can kill you, what if you are next? What if you leave a life behind just because of that wrong step? Stop, think, and realize that you are not unbeatable.

If only more people would do this then the circumstances would change completely. It is not wrong to drink as long as there is a responsible designated driver. Day by day, people drink at parties and risk not only their lives but the lives of many other people as well. What if someone crashed into you? What if someone killed your neighbor? Or your best friend? Or your dad? Innocent lives taken daily because of the irresponsibility of others. All it takes is one smart decision to save the lives of many people who could be killed in these incidents.

One person is all it takes to kill a dozen. A teenager going to jail just because he thought he was in the right condition, a mother losing a son who wasn't even drunk but who happened to be driving past that boy in jail. A school...

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