Eating Habits

Eating Habits

My diet isn't very good; I am low in almost all food groups besides sugar. This will make my blood pressure increase and eventually I will have a heart attack and die, hopefully not soon. I need to consistently eat three meals a day. I skip breakfast and dinner way too much. I need more vegetables, grains, fruits, and any other food group that does not include sweet, savory food. I found that my diet consists of nothing with substantial nutrients besides milk, which is not good for my body in the least. Bodies need nutrients, and as we have read, a great abundance of them.

I am not exercising besides going for walks, which doesn't burn too many calories. I should get into a sport but I don't have the time, patience, or endurance for it so I find it quite hard. Milk and apple juice are the only things I have consumed that are anywhere near good for me. This project has helped me to realize just how horrible my diet is, I never really counted up everything I've eaten during the day and realized that it's nothing substantial enough for my body to function properly.

I am getting enough calories a day but I'm not eating the right foods to get me to that point. I feel as if my diet needs great improvement and I'm going to start on my road to improving it as soon as impossible, I want to live a long and healthy life. Most of the older people in my family have died at young ages, I'm not sure if it might be because of bad eating habits, but I hope eating healthy will decrease my chance of following that same path.

The bad things I eat are mainly sweets and I need to find a way to stay away from them. My parents themselves don't buy snacks, but I often find myself stopping by the vending machine before class, a bad habit that I must stop in order to complete a healthy diet. I need to become more aware of what I'm eating, and think more about the nutrients and calories I'm taking in than how good it tastes. I'm no longer a little kid; I can no longer eat like a...

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