Eco Syestem

Eco Syestem

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ECOSYSTEM {text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} The living, or biotic, parts of an ecosystem, such as the plants, animals, and bacteria found in soil, are known as a community. The physical surroundings, or abiotic components, such as the minerals found in the soil, are known as the environment or habitat. Sun
This is the source of energy in an ecosystem and without plants to convert solar energy, most life on Earth would cease to exist.

The bottom or start of a food chain is made up of producers, such as algae or plants. As well as getting energy from the sun, plants absorb minerals (from rock breakdown) from the soil, through their roots. Energy is stored in stems, leaves and seeds.

Some animals only eat plants, these are called Herbivores. By eating plants, the energy and nutrients are transferred to the animals and are stored in their bodies as muscle and fat.

Carnivores eat other animals. The energy and nutrients are transferred again. Some animals eat plants and animals, these are called Omnivores.

When organisms die, the nutrients are returned to the soil. Fungi and bacteria decompose the dead material, making it ready for re-use. This means the process goes in a circle. In real life, food chains are interrelated (connected) because animals do not eat the same food every meal and so food chains become inter-connected to form food webs.

Scientists study ecosystems for a variety of reasons:
The World has many different ecosystems. Each one has its own climate, soil, plants and animals as over thousands of years, trees, animals and plants have adapted to different conditions round the world. Very few ecosystems are natural today because of human activities. AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM

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