education and its lack

education and its lack


The correlation between the lack of education importance and educators inadequate support.

With my mother being an educator, falling in love with education was easy. Also knowing that knowledge is one thing that we can gain and no one can ever take it from us has made me adore education even more. I know that the education in which my children receive will set the ground work for their future successes. No matter their age, preschool though college years, all of the advice and information that they will need to reach their greatest potential will be found in reading, writing, math, and more. We all must realize that education and learning is a lifelong-process. Sure formal education happens at school, yet more learning opportunities are found way beyond the four walls of a classroom. So this information raises my question, “Is your child getting enough education with its growing lack of importance?” Though plenty of students still graduate every year, education has lost its importance all in part to the lack of funding. Russlynn Ali, the U.S. assistant secretary of education for civil rights, stated in a news statement. “Despite the best efforts of America’s educators to bring greater equity to our schools, they still deny too many children - especially low-income and minority children - the educational opportunities they need to succeed,”

High school graduation rates stipulate another historical barometer of American educational performance. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average first-year graduate rate for American public schools has become flat over the years. In 1990-1991, the graduation rate was 73.7 percent. By 2004-2005, the valuation had increased modestly to 74.7. Academic researchers have sought to answer the question of whether Education expenditures are correlated with student performance. However, there is a lack of consistent
proof on whether...

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