Election Debate

Election Debate

September 15th, 2008

I chose the presidential election because of a couple reasons. The presidential election is probably one of the biggest issues at this present moment, and it will impact the entire United States for the years to come. I find this topic particularly interesting because I would like to know and be aware of something that will shape and change our history. The presidential election of 2008 is one of the most controversial issues and it never seizes to impress me. The race between Obama and McCain, no matter who wins, is about change our lives. I believe that throughout the course of the semester, they would strive to try to impress the people, present new ideas, surprise everyone, and try to prove that they would be best for the country. They will try to convince the citizens that they can make the better difference for our future.

This election’s candidates made this the front page of the headline news. Barrack Obama would be the first African American to run for president, Hilary Clinton was the first lady to run for president, and lastly, McCain would be the oldest and most experienced to run for president. All of these candidates would somehow make history, all of which have incredible ideas to present. The Iraq war would be one of the main things impacting which candidate the citizen would choose. Obama and McCain lately have been close on polls and have strong points. McCain just recently announced his vice president, Sarah Palin, and she won the hearts of the citizens with her incredible speeches drastically improving the chance of McCain’s victory. Obama stresses ending the Iraq war, the increasing of energy independence, and establishing universal health care. McCain on the other hand stresses the Iraq war issues, and says we shouldn’t fight “fully committing the necessary resources”. He would also be the first republican to choose a lady as his running mate. This election is one of the most intense ones since 2000.

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