Electricity in Our Daily Life

Electricity in Our Daily Life

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Electricity is important to life. A vast number of machines which are invented nowadays cannot be operated without it. As a matter of fact, electricity is used mostly in four main areas: industry, public health, media and transportation.

First of all, electricity plays an integral part in industry. Thanks to the invention of electricity, a lot of equipment has been invented including computers, subways, bulbs,etc .... .Electricity is the crucial factor in operating most devices. As a matter of fact, we now lighten our lives with electricity, which is unexpensive and friendly-environment. Moreover, electricity has given birth to assembly line, which means everything is produced by machines precisely and constantly, saving us a great amount of time and money. Apparently, electricity is used by all walks of life everyday in all aspects. For example, in summer, air conditions are used to provide us with cool air and we turn on the heating system to keep the room warm in winter.

In the second place, electricity is essential in daily transportation. Only with the advent of electricity can people create the traffic light. This is a great contribution to the safety of people on the street. Additionally, because steam engines are now replaced with electric engines, global warming and greenhouse effect are reduced considerably. Obviously, not only the speed is increased but the journey is smoke free, so less pollution are added into the atmostphere, helping to protect the environment.

Another area in our life on which electricity has a great influence is media both in communication and entertainment. Take telegraphs and telephones for examples, both of them are commonplace today and they need electricity to operate. With these devices, we can talk to our friends and family at a great distance or wee can even fax to every corner of the world within no time. Similarly, televisions enable everyone to update information around the world and see what is happening at...

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