Electronic Devices Could Be Really Troubling

Electronic Devices Could Be Really Troubling

Topic: Nowadays people have become addicted to electronic gadgets. Discuss.

Electronic gadgets and new technologies: ¿Are they an addiction?

It is considered that living in this society full of new technologies means being in a new era. Nowadays, people cannot live without computers, cell phones, e-books, PDA’S etc… It is good to know what happens around the world through a computer, but the enormous popularity and exposure of these “electronic devices” can lead to a dangerous addiction. Nevertheless, today it is necessary to communicate ourselves by a cell phone, Internet and Google can be really useful for searching something, you can also keep working on your laptop anywhere, and even it seems that no matter how addictive they are, because are really essential.

It is generally accepted that living surrounded by electronic gadgets can be really useful. For instance, the rise of internet in computers has become quite surprising since 2000s decade, and it’s quite popular among students looking for additional information for a thesis. In my view, using Internet with a proper use can be beneficial, I don’t consider it a great source of information, because it’s also good to use encyclopaedias and books, but it’s interesting to look for something which is not entirely clear.

Although electronic gadgets may be useful, there can be a considerable addiction rate, and perhaps, dangerous. Secondly, living with electronic devices must take responsibility, if the case is for minors, by the parents. On the one hand, many people say that they are responsible to buy a cell phone for their children, not recommended at an early age, rather about 15-16 years. On the other hand, to control the number of hours in front of the computer screen, apart from creating addiction, can be harmful to visual health.

In spite we’re surrounded by digital era, electronic gadgets are able to change a society, while an encyclopaedia or a book will be staying in a...

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