Employee Loyalty

Employee Loyalty

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The first topic I have chosen is “What factors influence an employee’s organizational loyalty?” Employees are a key component to the success of the organization, but how to maintain employee loyalty. This is challenging to employers and that’s why we will have the election of the top 100 best employers at every year. After the detail explanation follows, the reader will learn followings from my article: Firstly, why employees are the main assets in the organization; Secondly, what are the impacts on the employee’s organizational loyalty? Lastly, how to keep the employee’s organizational loyalty?

The second topic is “What effect, if any, does the increasing diversity of the workforce have on communicating, managing and working in organizations?” As we all knew that Canada is multicultural country and we have large amount of immigrants at every year. Therefore, the workforce diversity has become a trend in organizations today and is more challenging to management teams year after year. In the article below, the reader will recognize the types of workforce diversity in today’s business; what are the advantages and disadvantages of diversified workforce in organizations; how to manage it in an appropriate attitude and treat it as benefit of a diversified working environment in the organization.

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1. What factors influence an employee’s organizational loyalty?
Employee loyalty can be defined as employees being committed to the success of the organization and believing that working for the organization is their best option. Not only do they plan to remain with the organization, but they do not actively search for alternative employment and are not responsive to offers. However, loyalty does no longer exist between employers and employees after the recession. Organizations cannot guarantee long-term employment due to unstable economy conditions, but they should realize that ‘good’ employees will bring the success of the...

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