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Although Juan Escalante is an honorable man and served seven months in the United States military, his selfless actions do not exclude him from the consequences of breaking a law. By letting him go unpunished our government is sending a message to every American citizen, and non American’s across the globe that anyone can come live in America and benefit from our government and enjoy our freedoms. Juan and the rest of the Escalante family need to be deported because one they broke the law, two the government can not send the wrong message out to people, and three it is not a good look for the U.S. in the sense of terrorism.

Breaking a government law should never go unpunished. Granted there may be some moderations to the consequence, but no one goes without anything. That sends a message out to the population that as long as your intentions are in the best of interest and nothing terrible happened it is acceptable to defy authority. For example immigrants from Mexico such as the Escalante household will think as long as they make it over the border with out getting caught actually sneaking over they can stay.

Probably the most important issue would be the heightened threat of terrorism it can cause. Possible future terrorists will see how easy it is to sneak and join the military. They could easily learn our safety and combat tactics in a few years. That puts the entire nation in danger. America is always being watched by every single other country, their watching to see what new technology we are producing, what we’re changing in our economy and who we are fighting with and against; if word was to get out about illegal immigrants sneaking into our country and working close and in our military system no one can trust us.

The decision is easy to make. Juan and his family must be deported. The Pentagon must enforce the law no matter what. Laws are what our country was built and based on and we have been going by them for decades now. There...

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