Eng221 Week 2 Corporate Memo

Eng221 Week 2 Corporate Memo

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Date: January 13th, 2015
To: Steve Smith
Subject: Web Conferencing Programs Review

I have been asked to conduct a review and make a recommendation for a web conferencing program that can be used for weekly status meetings.
After doing my research, I have narrowed my search down to three providers of web conferencing. Listed below, is a summary of each product along with a side by side comparison including specifications and pricing.
(1.) Meeting Burner: It is based on Flash and Java, takes only a few minutes to set up and provides a dashboard for the organizer to monitor and make changes to the meeting in real-time (“Pcworld”,2012).
(2.) Citrix Go ToMeeting: This approach is both elegant and full-featured. The organizer can set up a meeting with a single click of the app, which will assign a meeting number that must be entered by the invitees prior to joining the meeting (“Pcworld”,2012).
(3.) Cisco WebEx: Was a pioneer in web conferencing and remains a formidable competitor. Webex offers a full range of sharing options including, desktop, application, file, whiteboard and webcam (“Pcworld”,2102).

Meeting Burner
Citrix Go ToMeeting
Cisco Webex
Maximum Participants
Remote IT Support

I based my research off of PC Worlds comparison of web conferencing products. As you can see, the three providers are similar in pricing and configuration. I am recommending Cisco’s Webex solution due to they have been a pioneer in web conferencing and remain a formidable competitor today. Cisco is a household name and provides remote IT support should a problem arise during meetings. Webex provides an endless list of features to utilize including setting up a meeting from anywhere at any time from a Pc or smartphone. Cisco services are delivered securely and reliably to wherever you are working today (“Webex”,2014). Cisco’s webex product is a solid solution...

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