english 102

english 102

English 102
27 February 2015

If You Forget Me

Imagery is one of the most common figures of speech used in poetry. A lot of authors think imagery makes it easier for their readers to understand what the poem is saying and it also gives the readers a better visual of the picture. There is plenty of ways poets use imagery to show the different types of emotions going on in the poem. Imagery is one of the many ways in literature that tests the reader’s imagination. “If You Forget Me” by Pablo Neruda is a very well known written poem by him.  In this poem Neruda uses imagery of nature to explain a time when he fell in love with a woman. The imagery of “the wrinkled body of log”, “the autumn at his window”, and “the little boats and the roots inside his heart” improved the readers understanding. Neruda’s choice of imagery in the poem helped the readers understand his word play. With out it, the readers would have a difficult time understanding the message of the poem.

Anytime a person that has found love and lost it because of death or an end to a relationship, can really affect that person emotionally and physically. Many people that go through tough break ups, tend to have a very deep emotional state for a long time after the break up. In the poem Neruda states, “If I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log”(7-10) Neruda’s feelings expressed in this explains a time he once found love then lost it. . “The fire and the wrinkled body of log” is used to express the love he once had, but now is gone and dissolved into ashes. The impalpable fire ash shows a love that is in the past and will no longer be felt, and the wrinkled body of log expresses the love he once felt slowly drifted from his heart. A lot of times in many relationships people start to become distant from each other causing the love to fade away and bringing the relationship to an end. Some times the love that slowly fades away cannot be controlled, the...

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