English Review

English Review

The best Kebab in Paris!
By: yaqeen kadhem abdulzahra

We were four girls on a few days’ vacation to Paris, starving yet saving money & looking for a place to eat, where there is good food for a good price, thought that would be hard to find in Paris, but guess what? It wasn’t!
Two words: Döner kebab!
43 rue des Batignolles
75017 Paris
Neighborhoods: Batignolles, 17th
Excellent Kebab, probably the best of Paris, Friendly staff, attentive despite phenomenal waiting queue. Always smiling at you, doing whatever you ask, speaking more than one language, French, English and Arabic.
Succulent meat, a huge piece of meat turns every day and is completed. A large flow sign of freshness and quality, Well-stocked bread, all for a price quite affordable and acceptable: 6 euros. What else would you wish for?
The outside does not really reflect the quality of this restaurant. It is a small restaurant with limited space, yet the best food. I’d give it 5 stars out of 5!

We’ve tried kebab in another restaurant but it wasn’t as good and was more expensive.
You feel quite full and satisfied after you’re done and you feel like sitting and chilling in the restaurant for some time before you go, maybe it’s the effect of the wonderful orange walls around in the upper floor. There’s also mirrors instead of paintings on the wall, a very creative idea which allows you to see the television wherever you sit without needing to turn your head at all.
You can get a whole meal with lots of fries and a drink for only 6 euros. You can also choose if you want it to be a normal sandwich or a roll. Whatever you desire! Extra ketchup, extra mayonnaise for free and it’s not a kebab only restaurant, there’s also chicken and hamburgers, whatever you feel like eating whether a meal or just a sandwich.
The taste is indescribable, the smell is more than amazing and you get fries more than you’d usually eat, they’re excellent and the double cheese is a delight.

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