English: Sample Sentences with Specific Details

English: Sample Sentences with Specific Details

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Sentences with specific details

2) The flood endangers more than twenty thousands lives of local people in Tokyo city and destroyed over three hundred old, low houses.

3) Every day my mother with her red apron is in the small kitchen, washing the fresh vegetables, slicking the pork, pouring peanut oil into the aluminum pan till it gets hot, then putting the fresh vegetables and the pork in the hot oil, and sauntering them.

4) There two old wooden framed pictures on the left wall of the sitting room, picture of my parents who are both over twenty years when they are young,, picture of my sister who married last year and me when were children.

5) My textbooks bought in john book store and some English- Chinese dictionaries were piled on a wooden box which my father made himself.

6) In addition to two fashion magazines Tom bought in john book store yesterday, there were also two books on the television about handicrafts.

7) He used to be a computer salesman for the IBM corporations, and he had to travel to many cities in Europe to sell computers.

8) When we went out of the beautiful Far Eastern International Airport, we found the air out of the plane so fresh, the sky of Tokyo so blue, and everything in Japan is so different.

9) Young girls danced hot around the big bonfire while young boys sang and played their folk musical instrument happily.

10) Tall trees almost touched the sky overhead; clear streams were running along the side of the narrow paths which made of cobblestones; birds’ twitter sounded like beautiful music and fragrance of roses, lilac and cherry were in the fresh air.

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