Evils of Gambling

Evils of Gambling

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One of hundred only ten succeeds. This is one of the main evils of the society. Dangerous, yet so irresistibly charming that numerous of living creatures known as ‘human’ have set themselves ready to try to reach the final success, despite knowing that it might very well push them down to a hellish level. Gambling, to many people’s opinion, is considered to be one of the classic examples for these ‘third time’s the charm, fourth time’s the death’ cases.

It can not be denied that gambling has somehow find an effective way to thrive among our community, thus spread over the world like a disease we are unable to get rid of. In Singapore, the rich as well as the poor gamble. The poorer ones become poorer by gambling. By becoming poor, they create a lot of problems for their families. “Gambling” itself means playing for money and engaging in wild financial speculations.

Children seeing their parents quarrelling over money everyday, have no peace and comfort at home. They suffer from mental torture and some join the bad company. They indulge in taking drugs and hang out in shopping centers. Many gamblers who find themselves in irretrievable debts have been known to commit suicide. Others have been known to hire gangsters to force money out of fellow gamblers who have lost and who fail to repay.

The society frowns upon gambling. Most of us disapprove of gamblers because we know that professional gamblers use unfair means to win. We also disapprove of people who make living out of the miseries of others who lose to them. The word ‘gambling’ has acquired unpleasant connotations largely because gambling can lead to excess. Most people start gambling with small sums of money and end up with colossal debt. This kind of indulgence is harmful and it becomes a vice.

There are two times when a man should not gamble – when he has no money and when he has money.

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