Executive Summary Collection Audiences People Money Key Projects

Executive Summary Collection Audiences People Money Key Projects


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Planning Pyramid 2008-2012 23

Executive summary
The British Museum has just completed one of the most successful years in its history. This was a consequence not only of the hugely successful The First Emperor exhibition, but also the growing benefits of work in recent years to focus activities, improve operations and build international engagement. The Museum's reputation is high, and its plans ambitious, as it enters a challenging but highly exciting new chapter in its development. The financial position is sound and confidence high, which underpins an aspirational strategic plan for the years to 2012. The external environment has changed. Economic conditions in the UK and the USA are deteriorating. Lower economic growth and inflationary pressures will not be helpful to fundraising or cost control. The strain on public finances may influence decisions on government funding beyond 2010. Against this the Museum may become more attractive to locals and tourists whose discretionary spending is reduced. Also, there will be new opportunities for funding from Asia and the Middle East. The British Museum can now credibly set higher aspirations for the next five years. It must flourish internationally to function effectively locally. Developing a more diverse and sustainable revenue stream will be essential to reduce overdependence on government funding. Investment will be required to build the world’s leading museum in the digital and online world. Greater freedom to manage our affairs will be essential but this will only come if the Museum becomes financially more self-reliant and if its international role is acknowledged and supported. In the period to 2012 the British Museum has the opportunity to become firmly established as the best museum in the world. The strategic priorities set out here are consistent with that...

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