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The Latin root facilis means easy and comes from facere which means to do or make. One can already imagine that facilities, coming from these two Latin words, must impact production of goods greatly. As I researched information on this topic I learned that facilities began on or about 7,000 years back. It was somewhere along the lines when humanity started their own production of things. We certainly have come a long way from those times. Technology has opened unimaginable doors. Aiding small and large businesses alike, facilities introduced a way to mass produce goods at an accelerated rate. Facilities improve effectiveness by providing workers, materials, and machines in one set space to ease and quicken the production process.

A facility is designed predominantly to run a smooth operation. To increase productivity, facilities are designed so that raw goods enter through one end, while the finished product exits through the other. The idea is that there is no backtracking to avoid confusion among personnel, materials or any other issues that would hamper smooth and precise work flow in and out of the facility. The layout is designed so that communication within parties is done in the most effective manner. This could include anything from having wide lanes that accommodate traffic and avoid bottlenecks to having support stations scattered throughout the floor.

An aspect of design that cannot be overlooked is one that boosts personnel morale and work satisfaction. Ever since studies have shown a positive correlation between personnel morale and work productivity, it has become a priority to add certain aesthetics. Aside from walls painted in light colors, open space, and plenty of windows, some facilities have introduced alternative ways of boosting morale such as lounge areas where the workers may have lunch or take breaks in their designs.

The amount of space left around the work area in a facility can avoid or create many issues. As...

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