Farewell to Manzanar Critique

Farewell to Manzanar Critique

“Farewell to Manzanar” is a very boring book. You would think that the story is supposed to be about the characters leaving Manzanar but it’s actually about getting there and what the characters went through to get there. Then they finally get there and about three quarters of the book is about living there and most of the things that happen is repetitive like the family moving from one block to another and the character disliking school. The novel is also extremely slow until the very end when the characters actually leave Manzanar, which is when exciting things start happening.

One part that stuck with me was the riot that happened in Manzanar that cost the lives of two people, when I got to this part I was most excited to see what would happen like if people were going to die, get freed, or kill the white people. Another part that stuck with me was the character returning to Manzanar and I was the most excited at that part because the book was only a couple of pages away from finally ending. Other than that it was really boring and I would not want to read the book again. I wouldn’t even recommend that somebody else read it because they would hate it, unless if they were doing a project that is about Manzanar.

I guess that this book is just a little bit important because it’s good to know this country’s history and what the government did to people from other racial groups. Most

people don’t even know about Manzanar and I didn’t even know until I read this book. Even the Japanese people would like to forget all of the things that happened there so they don’t tell people. But it’s good to see someone that actually wants to write about it, even though I think that she just wrote this novel to make some money because she doesn’t want a real job.

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