Fashion Leaders

Fashion Leaders

16. In fashion, there are two types of consumer groups: Fashion Leaders and Fashion Followers. Write two complete paragraphs that compare and contrast the two consumer groups in detail. Then, research two different people who are/were considered Fashion Leaders and write a paragraph for each person and explain how they are a fashion leader and what make/made them so. Remember, a proper paragraph is 4-5 complete in-depth sentences in length.

A fashion leader is an individual or corporation that is taken as a trend setter in the fashion industry. Usually an organization or products by such individuals attract high revenues and admiration from other industry players. Fashion innovative is a characteristic of fashion leaders who have the tendency to buy a new fashion earlier before other consumers. A fashion leader sets trends and is set apart from everyone else.

A fashion follower is someone who looks toward others for the next big fashion move. They appreciate the fashion ideas of trend setters and will create those same ideas with their own wardrobe. Fashion leaders set the do's and don'ts of fashion while fashion followers look for the next fashion do or don't. It does not matter if you are a fashion leader or a fashion follower, as long as you feel confident and expressing who you are.

A major fashion leader today is Zendaya Coleman. Zendaya is someone you never see in something that has been done before. She sets trends that are very expressive that people look to and foolow. Zendaya has the characteristics of being a fashion leader.

Another person today who is a major fashion leader is Katy Perry. Like Zendaya she sets very unique trends. She wears nothing that people are familiar with and shows her own personality through her wardrobe. Katy Perry looks to no one for where she gets her fashion from. Zendaya and Katy both are great examples of what a Fashion Leader is and they both hold characteristics necessary for being a fashion...

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