Feasibility of a Windmill Project in Khandala.

Feasibility of a Windmill Project in Khandala.

Research Proposal

Feasibility of a windmill project in Khandala.
Electricity scarcity is a major problem in Maharashtra, especially in rural areas. In Khandala and Lonavala electricity scarcity is a major problem faced by people. Being a hill station we can take advantage of wind blowing with great velocity across the hills. So if we use this natural resource through a well established project of setting up Wind mill at proper location to generate electricity, by this we can solve the problem of scarcity of electricity in the villages of Lonavala & Khandala.

Research objectives.
1) To identify whether the setting up of windmills is feasible or not. 2)To what extent it will help to generate employment, increase standard of living of local people etc. 3) To what extent people would be benefited through this project.

1) Conduct a research by setting a questionnaire which will give data regarding the problems faced by people due to the scarcity of electricity. Also this will help to understand how large the project should be so that it will help to satisfy needs of people. 2) Approaching the government bodies, Indian meteorological department etc. Approaching government bodies will help us to understand the location where the speed of wind is higher and is it possible to establish the project in that area. It will also help us to know what would be the estimated cost for the project and it’s feasibility of spending such a huge amount.


3) We can also gather information from the internet where such projects are established and how the local people are benefited through this project.

13 December to 15 December: Review of Literature 16 December to 19 December: Draft literature review 20 December to 22 December: Review research methods literature and agree on Research plan 20 December to 22 December: agree formal access to organizations for collection of primary data 23 December to 24 December: compile, pilot and...

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