Female Students

Female Students

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In Class Essay4

Liz O’ Neill states the differences between female students. O’Neill writes in her article, “female students may be limited be their own perception of their strengths and intelligence” and “young, male students – often unruly and distracted – are better coached in the art of effort and perseverance.” This shows that females are smarter than males. And males have to work hard to learn as fast as women do.

Female student is trying their best to fulfill the need to be done of their lesson. As O’Neill states, “If they struggle with a lesson they are more likely to infer that the lesson is not their ‘thing’.” It is so true that it is hard for the female to understand in some circumstances of their education and they give up and don’t succeed. Not only do the female student struggle with their lessons it goes for the Male as well.

Another important thing about the female is that they need to trust their talent. Their hard goals seem to scare them away, because it is difficult to achieve. They can succeed by using their faith to believe they can make it. “Bandura’s theories show that students’ faith in their own capabilities (or lack thereof) directly affects their interest and motivation levels.” Females won’t give up on their opportunity to succeed in the subject if they are interested. And I believe females can be motivated to do well, they have another chance to retake the class they did not understand.

In my opinion I read the state in the story that female students take breaks from going to school. And that they still have a chance to make it through to graduate with a degree. But in my point that male get their degree quicker than female. And is not the female fault is the male fault also. Why? Because certain female get pregnant, certain physical, and families’ emergency etc… or I could be wrong. And as for the female watch the male graduate faster to get a degree. I just don’t get the idea of how many percent that the male graduate...

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