Field tour review

Field tour review

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Part A: Blue Diamond Farms Ltd.

1. The crop rotation that used at Blue Diamond Farms is wheat first, then canola.

After canola are oats or soy beans. And after that oats or canola will be grew.

The Blue Diamond Farm will never go canola after canola or wheat after wheat as

that will cause disease. And if same crop is grew every year the chance of getting

disease will be multiple.

2. Soy bean. There are lots of variety available in the market for soy beans and this

shows us how fast the market growth. And soy bean is not just the crop for mid-west

and US. Soy beans are easy to grow and it’s a good crop to clean up the fields if you

have a problem in fields as far as wheat go.

3. The two examples of inputs that are utilized to grow crops at Blue Diamond Farms

are nitrogen and phosphate. These are nutrients that used in fertilizer. And the reason

why these are used because they are essential and macronutrients for crop growth.

4. One of the plant diseases that Mr. Jochum faced this year is ergot. Wheat is one of

the crops that being affected by ergot. There will be black part in the head of wheat

when it being affected. If wheat affected by ergot, there will be no wheat grew within

2 years.

5. GMO is stand for Genetic Modified Organism. Mr. Jochum choose to use GMO is

because there are growing demand of GMO crops. Also there are debates within

society about GMO crops but GMO crops save lots of lives.

Part B: Connery’s Riverdale Farms Ltd.

6. The two reasons why Portage area is ideal for the production of vegetable crops are

small microclimate and availability of water.

7. The harvest season at Connery’s is 6 months.

Carrot and cooking onion is mechanically harvested and broccoli and strawberry are

harvested by hand

8. a) Annual crops are crops that complete their life cycle within one growing season

and one example that Connery’s grows is carrot.

b) Bi-annual crops are crops that...

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