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Unit Four Study Guide

Chapter 6

1. The material we associate closely with drawing is _______. It was invented by the ______________ around 105 C.E.
2. Which drawing technique was a predecessor of the graphite pencil and was popular during the Renaissance? _________________________
3. The graphite _______________ is the most common of all drawing media.
4. In metalpoint, lines are drawn with a silver _______.
5. What is the title of the pencil drawing by Chris Ofili?_________________________
6. Pastel is made of ______________________________________________________.
7. The coloring material in almost all drawing media is known as _________________.
8. Henri Matisse’s Dahlias, Pomegranates, and Palm uses _______(dry, liquid) media.
9. The use of different _____________ will cause a difference in the color and consistency of crayons and pastels.
10. Pen and ink are an example of a _________ medium in drawing.
11. Contemporary artist, Gary Simmons, specializes in __________________________.
12. Read p. 141 to discover ways Leonardo da Vinci explored ideas through drawing.
13. What is the “nib” of the pen? ____________________________________________

Chapter 7

1. Define medium the material from which a work of art is made. A standard catergory of art such as a painting or sculpture. A standard category of art such as painting or sculpture. A liquid compounded with pigment to make paint also called a vechicle and often acting as a binder.
2. Paint is made of pigment which is powdered color.
3. What preliminary coating is applied to a canvas before paint? Ground or premier
4. Name two techniques perfected in the ancient world that are still in use today?
encaustic and fresco
5. Name two Italian Renaissance artists who were hired to paint frescoes for Pope Julius II: Rapheal and Michealego
6. Linseed oil acts as a binder in oil paints.
7. List 4 advantages of oil painting as compared to other paints: p.164...

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