Food for Everyone

Food for Everyone

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Food For Thought

Date: January 29, 2009
To: Charlotte Alexander
From: Daniel Lawless, Owner and founder of Food For Thought
Subject: The excellence of Food For Thought

This memo presents the information of the company, Food For Thought. I have assembled and put together any question you mite have and answers to inform you of anything you should want to know

What is the advantage of Food For Thought?

Food For Thought has been around for many years with reliable and superb performance. Food For Thought through all the years of service has never had a single complaint about food quality nor the service.

Can we adjust to time schedules?

Food For Though is able to schedule and adjust to the time that would fit every company, so that every employee has the time to take a lunch. We also provide breakfast during the morning hours for those employees that need to grab something on there way in.

What food would be served?

Food For Thought has a wide range of food to fit the comfort of everyone. We serve everything from bisects and gravy, salad bar, and even recopies from all around the world. Every cook hired is a trained professional in the culinary arts to help provide the best possible services.

Can requests be made?

If there is a specific food any persons would like to have added to the menu, he or she would have to fill out a suggestion paper, and drop it off in the suggestion box. Both box and papers will be located at the entrance and at the registered in the café. The persons would have to leave a name and an e-mail so that we can respond to let them know when we will be able to provide for them.

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