Forien Aid

Forien Aid;_ylt=AvPqPykxy3Bpd_LD.n0nGacjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110126185124AA3DqTN
Foreign aid has mostly always been used as part of the US's foreign policy efforts. During the Cold War, it was to gain favor with countries or regions that might tip toward the USSR and its allies. We've just continued it for other reasons. This aid often backfires (we supported Saddam Hussein, the group that became the Taliban in Afghanistan, factions in Somalia that turned on us, etc.).;_ylt=AtRWRvQ6gGCIDQuHSCpWUZgjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080511033324AALhKWP
the way the U.S. deals with people is not for the humanity of it but for the power of it. The U.S. gives with a lot of thought of return and it spreads imperialism with money.

In addition, we are spending so much money trying to buy favor and political influence that we are neglecting our how health care, storm victims, education systems, etc, of our own people America is in debt just a little than 16 billion dollers.
It does nothing good for most Americans or the people being helped when their govt's are corrupt and even terrorist ... unless you are one of the rich who is writing off donations or an employer hoping to one day use these people for cheap , slave labor , a foreign politician looking to make money, or a terrorist being supported by foreign aid ! It's mostly a big waste of money because no one can help people nor a country that won't and don't help themselves, has corrupt govts / politicians... now that's " Throwing Money Away " !

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